UPSKAILL App Day 1 with GPT4

UPSKAILL App Day 1 with GPT4

Main goal: Create a Flutter app for UPSKAILL with GPT4 as my pair programmer

Other goals:

  • This is my journey to learn Flutter via GPT4
  • Create an app that is under the EdTech Space
  • Learn how to use GPT4 effectively and responsibly
  • Learn more about Firebase

Today, I worked on setting up my project using Flutter on Firebase and GPT4, a large language model trained by OpenAI.

First, we ran ‘flutter create’ to create a new Flutter app, and then we used the firebase init command to initialize a Firebase project in the app directory. We selected the features we wanted to set up for the project, including Hosting, Storage, and Firestore.

We ran into an issue with Node modules, I had to figure this one out myself cause GPT4 has no access to my local dev environment on my Mac M1 Ventura.

Next, we set up a logo for the app, and created an app icon using an online tool. We added the app icon to the project and updated the app’s pubspec.yaml file to include the necessary dependencies.

Because I didn’t know what the Remote Config feature was. GPT4 was nice enough to show me how to set up a new parameter to hold the primary color of the app, and set up the default value for the parameter. It turns out there were global variables you can set for the app and making any change there wont require the user to re-download the app. What a nice feature!

Throughout the day, I asked GPT4 for help with various issues, and to explain features and concepts I didn’t understand about Firebase. I mean I’ve deployed sites on Firebase Hosting before and have used Firebase functions but I never bothered to deep dive into understanding everything. I was just happy it worked. This time, I had GPT4 and them/it/he/she was patient and helpful, answered every single question and was able to guide me through each step.

Overall, I feel like I made a lot of progress today, thanks to the help of GPT4. I’m excited to continue working on the app and see where this project takes me.

On Day 1 of UPSKAILL, we set up a Flutter web app on Firebase while GPT4 helped me navigate through the process. 
Here's a summary of what we did:

Created a new Flutter project with 'flutter create'.
Installed Firebase tools with 'npm install -g firebase-tools'.
Initialized Firebase in the project directory with 'firebase init.'
Set up hosting, Firestore, and Cloud Storage in Firebase by selecting them during the 'firebase init' process.
Created a new project on the Firebase console.


Today was the day it gave me an assessment too. Then I had to check what he meant! Sorry GPT4, you can’t take it back. I’m taking it as a compliment. Although, I didn’t ask for it, the assessment is a crucial part of my main goal. That it can assess!

gpt4 conpliment
Figure 0: GPT4 Tells me that my writing style is conversational with a tendency to ask questions, share personal thoughts and experiences and proceeds to give me a compliment: “You also seem to have a straightforward and practical approach to problem-solving.” See! Right? That sounds like a compliment to me. Nope. Sorry. GPT4 can’t take that back 😀

gpt4 conpliment part 2
Figure 1: On a new browser tab, I asked if it can be considered a compliment. Remember… every chat session is exclusive to that session and whatever you talked about is not shared in another chat session so it doesn’t know it said that to me, unless I go back to that tab. I hope that made sense.

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