Refactor UI: Simplifying the Speed Test Experience

For our reference screen, we have a screenshot here of the interface for the results of a speed test.

carmelyne speed test ui screen 1
A screen shot of the web interface for SpeedTest result

What Problem Am I Solving with My Practice Screens?

As a frequent user of speed test tools, I often found the results screen to be overwhelming and confusing. The layout and the way the information was spread out made it hard for me to focus on the important parts.

That’s why to practice, I cleaned up the speed test results screen, with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. My version of the interface prioritizes the download and upload results, while grouping the information together in a logical and intuitive manner.

By de-cluttering the interface and streamlining the information, I believe I’ve created a more user-friendly experience that allows me to quickly understand my speed test results without any confusion.

My goal is to make speed tests faster and easier, so I can get the results I need without a lot of trouble. Say hello to a streamlined and easy-to-use interface that puts the focus where it belongs: on the download and upload results.

I tried to make the speed test result more efficient and glance-friendly, allowing me to get the information I need without any hassle.

Interface Practice Results

Mockup Speedtest light
Light Version
Mockup Speedtest dark 1
Dark Version

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