My First Figma Community Contribution: Recreating the Procreate Icon

As a designer, I often find myself in need of high-quality icons and graphics to use in my work. Recently, I was looking for an SVG of the Procreate app icon but couldn’t find a good version of it. So, I decided to recreate it myself in Figma.

thumbnail procreate icon
A comparison. Left : PNG. Right: Vector.

What Problem Am I Solving here?

If you can’t find the vector format, create the it! Then, contribute it back to the web.

Fortunately, Figma’s intuitive interface and powerful design tools made it simple to recreate the icon’s minimalist design and distinctive color scheme. After spending some time perfecting the details, I had a pixel-perfect replica of the Procreate icon. Right? Nah, but almost there.

Contributing to the Figma community was also an easy process. I made sure that my file was well organized, with named layers and a clear structure. I created a thumbnail with a size of 1920 px x 960 px, within the safe area of 1600 px x 960 px. I added a title and description to the file, and it was ready to go for publishing.

I was glad to be able to contribute back to the Figma community, even in a small way. The Figma community is an invaluable resource for designers, and I’m happy to add a small contribution. If you’re looking to give back to the design community, I highly recommend sharing your work on Figma. It’s easy, and you never know who might benefit from your contributions.

File at Figma Community: https://www.figma.com/community/file/1208441252227412892

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